Saturday, March 26, 2011

am i being unreasonable?

hi. So here i am again, looking for your opinions, not because they will have any impact on what i may or may not do, but simply, because i'm wondering, as the post title says, if i'm being completely unreasonable or not.

I'm thinking of moving, in july, to a place that has both dart and bus links, and i would still be able to get home to drimnagh also if i wanted, so it's not for those reasons that there are objections. Also, the place where i'm moving to, in terms of the area, i would know far better than where i do now, and i would have far more local routes than i ever would where i am now to use the dog on, and in fact, i could even probably do most routes myself, so it would probably mean less aftercare, as i'm very confident around this area. Yet, because it would mean i would have farther to travel to college, should i be accepted than i currently would, i was told today by someone that it makes no sense. I wouldn't mind the extra travel for the reasons already mentioned.

So, tell me, would you do the same as me if you felt as i do? and would you like me, feel totally justified in your thinking and what your considering?

Feedback appreciated


Friday, December 3, 2010

stuck in the snow, and a rant

Hi there everyone. I don't invisage this post being two long, but i apologize in advance if i get carried away ranting and right a lot.

So at this stage, it's day 5 in the snow now, and i'm well and truly sick of it. The mac and internet have being keeping me sane to a point, but you even get bored of them after a while, not them specifically, but your just so bored of everything that nothing seems interesting.

I haven't seen paul all week, and this is not going down well lol, though i hope he'll be back next week, missing him lots. The mac demo that i was meant to do last saturday, and which i wrote about in a previous post, is scheduled for tuesday, but we will see how the weekend goes in terms of the weather. I hope it clears up, as i'm going crazy stuck inside. I did get to the better options fair on tuesday though, with some assistance from my mum to a bus stop, and it did go good, though maynooth is still where i want to go. I fink I'll just put down arts in a few other colleges, because i don't want to pay for CAO and not get my money's worth from it.

Now, my main reason really for writing this post, apart from a way to vent my frustration about not being able to go out, is the health service in this country.

With what is certain to be one of the toughest budgets this country has seen in years only days away, my question is, though i know the government will cut public spending in every area, can they really afford to cut anymore from the health service, specifically in the area of patient health care, I mean, in the area of staffing? Why am i asking questions like this? Let me explain.

2 weeks ago or there a bouts, my grandfather, who is 88, suffered a stroke, and a serious one at that. Over the past 2 weeks, I have listened to stories, about the good and the bad, in terms of his condition, but more recently, and more shockingly, in terms of the care he has been receiving, from the so-called carers who are employed at the hospital, i guess they are supposed to be aids to the nurses, though from what i hear they don't deserve their jobs.

Tonight, once again, my grandfather's sheets had to be changed, as he was left unattended with a bedpan, and when the carer, as she's called, came to change the sheets, not only was she rude and not only would she not speak to him, but apparently, she was rough with him, physically. Now if this is what people who are going to visit my grandfather, and people in hospitals are seeing when they're present, doesn't it make you sick, and sad, to think how those people, who are defenseless and probably haven't got the capacity anymore to speak for themselves are being treated when they're on their own? I know it certainly does me. That's why i can't understand, how next tuesday, the minister for finance for this country, will get up, and after he's announced his cuts to social welfare for the poorest and most vulnerable of his people, he'll announce cuts, as he always does, to the health service, and as he always does also, to the area of mental health, which is where the money is really needed. Not only does the area not need cuts, but it needs more stringent testing and vetting of these people who by all accounts have neither the personality or the skills to care and have compassion for these people.
Next tuesday will only confirm what we already know though, that this country is in deep trouble in all areas, not least in the area of funding to it's health services which are vitally important. Isn't it a disgrace, that people cannot have the compassion and the patience to care for the people in our society who have helped to shape the country into what it was in the good years? I personally think it's a disgrace, and it's stories like that which i heard tonight, which would make me ashamed to be irish, I'm not saying by any means that everyone who works in our health service is this way, just had to vent somewhere that's all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

no support

So this should be a happy post, telling you all of my success at NUI maynooth, instead of which, it's anything but. Let me start from the beginning, and once again, i'm looking for your opinions, as they really were helpful last time i asked you to post, and you did.

I got up at 6.30 this morning, and left my house at about 7.15 or there a bouts. When i stepped outside the door, i couldn't believe what my cane, and my feet, were feeling. snow! "Oh my god, am i mad? should I just turn back:? i thought to myself, but then i remembered hearing such great stories about NUI's disability supports. i also was meant to give an IPhone demo today to some perspective visually impaired users, which it turned out, got canceled because of the weather, but not knowing this at the time, i decided to soldier on, not so-much for the demo, but i was excited and looking forward to NUI. My journey there was far from simple...

Luckily, i made it around the first corner on my route without incident. This was only luck, because the snow made it very hard to hear anything. After this, i continued on for a few minutes, but was starting to veer a bit because of my inability to get sound shadows. A very nice man spotted me, and also told me to get back onto the path, and he then proceeded to help me the rest of the way to my bus stop, and wait till i was on a bus, which was very nice of him i thought. Let me mention while i'm here, that Dublin bus have made the great decision, on the 123 bus, to introduce talking stops, this now means that just like the luis, every stop on the bus is now announced, and it is fabulous. I decided, instead of getting out at O'Connoll street, which i had originally asked the driver, that i would get out at the college green stop, and have something to eat in Starbucks, after which, i would get a taxi to connelly, in time for my train to maynooth. As soon as i got off the bus, my adventure began. i stepped up the step and reached for the door of Starbucks to open it, only to find it was locked. After this, i quickly made my way back to the stop, and got a 19A bus to O'Connoll street, and the driver very kindly let me off in a place he wasn't supposed to. It was raining and thundering at the time, so guess he was just trying to make my life easier. Then, i had to get sighted assistance to cross the road, as it was impossible to find the tactile markings which denote the lights, in the snow. After this, i asked the guy who had helped me across the road, to take me to a cafe i go to regularly, in the hopes i might get something to eat, no such luck though, this was closed also.

With this, i decided to opt for the taxi option, thinking i would just get something to eat in connelly station, before catching my train. I asked the driver to take me to connelly station, only to be informed, that the trains were not running, because of some damage to the lines due to lightening. I then decided to see if i could get a private bus from a bus station nearby. I would quickly find out, not only was this not possible, but the option i took was a lot easier, and is very readily available should i wish to get there again, dublin bus service maynooth, and i took a 67. i arrived at the bus stop at about 5 past 9 or that, and unfortunately due to the way things were scheduled, ended up waiting for the student who did come and pick me up as soon as he could, at this point i wish to point out, he couldn't have been nicer, and the access office of NUI did a good job with their assigning of him to me.

When he did pick me up eventually, we went to campus, where we had something to eat, and i, in true blind fashion, spilled coffee all over one of the legs of my jeans. This wasn't two much of a big deal though, and we made our way to the first of many stands.

I met some lovely students there, and i also attended some talks. Social science which is just not for me, Psychology, which i'm glad i went to, because, although i talked about studying it in the last post, i don't think it's for me either. There are just some things i'd rather not know the answers to, plus i don't think i have the ability to be clinical and detached, like is sometimes needed in this field.

I was completely wowed however, by computer science, and software engineering. I would just love to know how to write programs, and i seen a really cool way they teach you two, they do it with robots. You sit at a computer, and you can program the robot from there. They had one firing out marbles, and another that could find a can of beer pick it up, and bring it to you! all be it, a little slowly.. I'd also love to understand computer codes, i'm so enthused about it all, well, at least i was..

When i came home this evening, my aunt was here, and i was talking to her about the course and stuff. When i said i was going to move out, which i'd said to my mam a few nights ago, and which she wasn't happy with, she flipped again. The usual why would i want to move out when i have a family here stuff.

I didn't like that she was doing this, as i felt she was putting a downer on my, until then, good day. But then came the icing on the cake. After a little more probing i found out, that she doesn't think i'll stick the whole degree course out. Why? because i've canceled contracts for stupid things like broadband, and probably because i upgraded to the iphone 4 having only had the 3gs for not so long. I personally, don't see what any of these things have to do with me doing a degree?

Anyway, now, i'm feeling deflated, and just don't know what to do.
Have any of you ever faced a similar situation?

Please help me out with this one

Till next time

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Have I finally decided what i'm going to do?

First of all, I want to say a big thank you for reading and commenting on my last post, to those of you who did, and to those who just read, thank you also.

I've been deliberating about what i wrote about in my last post over the last few days, i even rang guidedogs to see what their status was on living with people who i didn't know, and it turns out, they don't recommend it. This left me thinking a few things, but now, i think i've decided what i'm going to do.

I am going to a university that i'm thinking of studying at next year, and if i like it, what i might do is see if there was some part time course i could do for next year, during which time i could apply for my dog, before i go into my degree. I will try for an apartment on my own, and see how that works out. I suppose really for me, it's my only choice, unless i find some very nice person to share with in the mean time.

The courses i'm thinking of looking at this saturday are community and youth work, and psychology.

I will write and let you all know how it went, and also on saturday i'm doing some demo work with iphones for interested perspective users.

For now, signing off, and till next time :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Calling all Visually Impaired people

so, this post is mostly what it says, and intended for visually impaired people, because i am looking for a bit of advice. In particular, i would be seeking advice from those of you, who have a guide dog. I want to know, when you got your first dog, where were you living? at home? in halls of residence at some college? in your own apartment/house? Those of you who have dogs and live with parents, i wouldn't really be looking for your stories, because as those of you who have looked at this blog before, know, my first dog came home to a family situation, and this just did not work out, just my situation. I'm thinking of moving out, into a house/apartment share, and then applying for my second dog. Ideally of course, i would love my own apartment, but current economic times dictate that circumstances are otherwise.
Opinions much appreciated, as well as your own stories. Do you think sharing with other people and having a dog can work out? do you think it's necessary for the first year of the partnership for it to just be you and your new guide?
Look forward to reading your responses.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

9 months later!

So here i am again, this time 9 months after my last post, i swear i really have to start writing here more often. An awful lot, once again, has changed since my last post. I'm writing this on a mac. I've completely switched to apple products now. i have an IPod, an IPhone, and now, a beautiful new macbook air. I pimped it up a bit, so i intend on making it do as my main machine for a long time. The great thing about this mac, is that it's completely built around flash storage, which means there are no moving parts at all in the machine. It's ultra slim, portable, and so light i can't get over it! to learn more about macbook air you can check out,
I received a custom made case for my macbook, from a company in america, San Francisco to be precise. if you need any sort of custom cases for computers or phones, do check out you won't be disappointed. Their service is absolutely fabulous.

Now my major news for the moment. i have had a job coach from fas for the past few months, but it is proving difficult for her to find anything in the way of jobs for me. The reason i got her in the first place is because of my disability. As it is so quiet on the job front, i'm very seriously considering going back to college next year, to get a degree. I also want to apply sooner rather than later, for my second guide dog, so looking at ways of making that happen. I haven't decided what i will do yet on the dog front, but i will have updates in future posts.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A rant, and an update, but mostly a rant!

hi all,
this post was meant to be a nice somery of the weekend me and paul had, but it's that and a rant now, unfortunately!
On thurrsday me and paul went for a few drinks to a pub in town we always go to, and it was nice, nothing eventful happened, on that day anyway! Friday, we met up with a friend, and i got a little drunk and left a bag behind me with some clothes in, this was a little inconvenient, but i managed to get around it haha! Then on Saturday we went down to carlow for a friend's birthday, and i have to say, a very good night was had by all! Then yesterday we went for food when we got back to dublin, then i just waited with paul till he got his bus, and yes, i did get the bag back, for all people wondering how that story ended!
The trouble started, then, when i came back, and was just telling those at home of how the weekend went, and that i had left the bag behind, it was meant to be funny, not be the cause of a huge drama! i was told we should keep our whits about us at all times, we, being a collective we, as in, all blind peple! i would really appreciate comments via twitter or however you want to give feedback, but please tell me that i'm right in thinking, that anyone, no matter what their disability, is, and should, be able to go out and get drunk if they want, and isn't a sighted or fully able boddied person as likely to leave something behind in a pub after a few drinks?
also today, i wanted to register with fas, just to see if i could find a few hours work, and now it looks like i can't go because there's noone to bring me! I would go myself, but unfortunately have no money for taxis, so i'm depending on other people, god i hate that!
Lastly, remember just a few days ago, i wrote about what a wonderful time i had in cork? Well(and this is my decision before anyone thinks it isn't), i have to move out, and have some sort of stable activity that i'm doing, work, a course, for example, in order for this second match to work, but i can't even tell my parents that i need or want to move out, and why? because they think it's an outragious idea that i would move out, say for example, into a house share, because that's not being independent, so i'm stuck here, because i can't find a job, so i can't have the mobility aid of my choice then, just because they think it's ridiculous that i would want to move out!
thoughts on anything i've written here are welcome, Till next time people...